Sex between Philip Aubrey and Girth Brooks

Come on, don’t deny it, you’ve got a thing for this guy at the office haven’t you? Well, when you want to see your fantasy played out, when you want some hot office worker sex, some colleague cum-fun or some co-worker wank-workout, you need to scoot over to and one of their sites, The Gay Office. Here we’ve got straight guys doing gay sex, sometimes for the first time, with gay guys do straight office workers in some of the hottest office sex scenes around.

Take Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (no, not that one) a scene from that features Dilf Girth and dusty blonde tattooed versatile bottom Philip Aubrey. It’s work as usual down in the I.T. room, or is it? It’s soon revealed that hunky Girth is watching some illicit straight porn on his monitor and he’s got some kind of monster growing in his jeans that he keeps stroking. Philip catches him out and a discussion about what kind of sex Girth likes follows. He likes blondes of course, just like Phil, who, though clearly not a girl, is up for giving Girth his first guy blow job. He takes a bit of persuasion, but he eventually falls under the spell of insistent, horny Phil.

Phillip gets down on his knees as Girth gives in, and lets him open up his jeans and let loose his hard, thick seven inch cock. Grabbing it in his fist, Philip starts to work his hot lips around the cut head while Girth watches his porn. He strokes it, licks it, fondles the guy’s nuts and worships that hard rod as Girth starts to force his head up and down, fucking his colleague’s face. It’s not long before Philip, taking the lead, strips them both down and leads Girth to the sofa where he squats slowly over his mate’s dick. His ass gets spread wide as he starts riding up and down on his shaft, with Girth groaning out, discovering how hot another man’s ass really feels.

The blonde guys gets shafted on the sofa, he gets bent double and taken from behind, he gets flipped onto his back so he can jerk on his own impassive meat while his straight mate takes his ass long and deep. Philip finally gives in but Girth carries on fucking him for ages until, after a good fifteen minutes of hard ass screwing, he lets his pent up man juice go with a great yell. It’s a totally hot scene and will leave your own nuts emptied, and it just goes to prove the old adage that yes, blondes do have more fun.

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