Gavin Waters and Girth Brooks at the gay office

Cum In My Office is one hot scene from the masters of gay hardcore porn, In this ‘sex in the office’ sizzler we’ve got two tough porn stars with hard bodies, hung cocks and fit builds. The scene comes from the site, The Gay Office (TGO) and over there it’s all about men in suits, office sex fantasies, banging the boss and drilling the office junior. Here though our two sizable stars are too mature to be called juniors, so it’s about the hot boss in the suit, Girth, banging a hunky employee, Gavin Waters.

The scene starts with smart-suited Gavin being called into the boss’ office for a good telling off. He’s been late, he’s work is not up to scratch and Girth is not happy with his performance. You can tell, as Girth gets angrier, that he is going to demand some kind of physical employee review as a way of examining Gavin’s performance. The boss reminds him that his job is on the line so it’s a case of either ‘suck my cock or walk out the door.’ Gavin does as he is told, getting that cut monster out from inside Girth’s suit trousers where it’s already been tenting out.

It’s certainly an impressive piece of meat and Gavin’s soon gaging on it, taking it all the way to the back of his throat with Girth Brooks groaning in approval. Gavin’s down on his knees in the office, both guys are still in their suits and the junior guy is taking Girth’s girth like a good’un when his boss has a further idea. He gets the guy up on the chair, his pants down and his ass slapped. Within a few minutes he’s sliding his hot rod deep inside, screwing the guys’ ass right there in the office.

Gavin takes it bent over before sitting on it, taking Girth’s shaft in deeper, and then gets flipped over onto his back right across the boss’ desk. Girth fucks his virgin, straight hole harder and faster as Gavin starts to get hard, starts to work his own cock, and builds up two great nuts full of jizz. The boss has him held by his tie as he shoots his manly wad across his smooth belly before his boos shoots his own thick load, leaving his employee to go and get cleaned up and think about his performance.

If you ask me, he performed brilliantly and if you’re after a horny office sex fantasy, you won't find much better than this.

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