Big Dicks At School with Girth Brooks and Tyler Sweet

Girth is the teacher setting a test for his class, but top twink Tyler Sweet, one of his students, has a test for teach: Can he remain calm and not give the game away while Tyler, hiding under his desk, surprises him with some hands-on action. The rest of the class might be suspicious but say nothing as Girth barely controls himself and Tyler, hidden from view, starts to seriously work on his cock. The test finished, the class leave and Girth can really get to work on Tyler’s mouth.

And that sweet guy knows how to suck a hard cock. He deep throats it, Girth pulling his head to his crotch to get all of the hot depth, before telling Tyler to get naked. Still sucking, Tyler shows off his smooth body, his round ass and cut cock, all the time working on Girth’s thick girth and rigid seven-incher. These guys waste no time; after a serous suck session and before long, Tyler is lowering himself over that thick meat right there on teacher’ desk.

The fucking action gets noisy, both guys giving in to it, Tyler pumping his lithe body up and down hard on Girth’s dick, his own cock bouncing in the wind. He gets bent over the desk, his ass slapped to tighten his hole as his smooth cheeks drive the older guy wild. Flipping him on to his back Girth lets the student play with his own cock, lets him stroke it until Tyler shoots his sweet juice all over his tight stomach and teach lets his thick monster explode over his student. It’s a sticky mess but the guys get full marks.

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